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2021 Oct 26

Margaret for HommeGirls

Margaret for HommeGirls

Margaret was photographed by Cass Bird for HommeGirls‘ latest issue, volume 6. The magazine can be purchased at Check out the photos and article below!

HOMMEGIRLS – In Margaret Qualley’s New York apartment, you will find a couch, a table, four dining chairs, a bed with a frame, and, she points out with beyond normal excitement, “many a lamp!” This may not seem like a big deal, but then you are probably used to living with those sorts of things. She is not.

Until recently, “I had a mattress on the ground and one lamp and a cardboard box I’d use as a table,” says Qualley, seated side-saddle on a bench in Tompkins Square Park on a balmy July afternoon. She pulls up pictures on her phone as proof, swiping through scenes of an airy and empty light-filled apartment, overturned cardboard box primly set with breakfast for one, napkin folded, fork on the correct side.

This had been her life since she first came to the city at 16 to study ballet, and for a while such living represented independence, not to mention a certain bohemian splendor that will be familiar to lots of young New Yorkers. Sure she was a bright young thing with a famous mom (that would be ’90s rom-com icon Andie MacDowell) but Qualley was raised in Montana and North Carolina, not Hollywood, and was perfectly happy making her own oatmeal and eating it while sitting on the floor. But a decade in, the living situation was becoming, she says, a little embarrassing. At 26, she was no longer a student but an Emmy nominated actress (“Fosse/Verdon”) who’d just made a big splash in a Tarantino movie ( Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood). The older and more accomplished you are, the more it seems people expect a place to sit when they come over. “So I’ve taken the past few months to change my ways, because I was like, you’re becoming an asshole for being like this,” Qualley says. “You are too old and you’re doing too okay to have no couch.”
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2021 Sep 28

Margaret for Harper’s Bazaar

Margaret for Harper’s Bazaar

Margaret was photographed and interviewed for the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Check out the photoshoot and interview below!

Margaret Qualley Is Learning to Let Go
Margaret Qualley’s career is taking off, and the 26-year-old actor and former ballerina is embracing the ride.

HARPER’S BAZAAR – It is late July in New York City’s East Village, and the streets teem with sensory abundance. To observe people strutting down the sidewalks near Tompkins Square Park is to wonder if bucket hats and crop tops are the only available attire in the entire metropolitan area. Trey Songz’s late-aughts anthem “Say Aah” booms over neon drinks and revelers spilling out of Miss Lily’s 7A café. Dogs and skin and bikes are out. An afternoon breeze sets in. It is finally summer, finally not the thick of a pandemic (a glorious pre-Delta period that just weeks later will engender nostalgia). It is an ideal place to be if you are 26 years old, as Margaret Qualley is, and in love with New York, as she has been since she moved to the city to study at the American Ballet Theatre when she was 16. “There’s so much kissing on the street right now, you know?” she says, in a giant vintage Nike tee and a pink Las Vegas hat she got at a gas station. “We’ve been reminded of what it’s like to experience things collectively, and I think you can feel that. The city feels alive and silly and spontaneous.”
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2021 Sep 20

Margaret for Porter Magazine

Margaret for Porter Magazine

Margaret was photographed and interviewed for NET-A-PORTER‘s latest issue of Porter magazine. Margot Robbie interviewed Margaret for the cover story! Check it out below.

From her captivating breakthrough in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood to Netflix’s next big thing in Maid, MARGARET QUALLEY is one to watch right now. And watching especially closely is her former co-star and now executive-producer MARGOT ROBBIE. Here, the Hollywood powerhouses talk about relinquishing control, following their instincts and why their latest series is a family affair

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2020 Dec 03

ELLE Magazine (December 2020)

ELLE Magazine (December 2020)

Margaret is featured in the December issue of ELLE magazine! Check out the photoshoot and scans below.

Margaret Qualley is among the vanishingly few people in Hollywood who can credibly wield the word “gosh.” Jimmy Stewart’s favorite interjection resounds through her sentences like a slingshot, going hand in hand with her soft North Carolina twang and sweet manner. She is one of an even smaller number of actresses who could take the prompt “You’re having an argument with your hand” and make it make sense. That was just one of the things Spike Jonze asked Qualley to do when she auditioned for a Kenzo perfume campaign he was directing. The clip subverts your typical fragrance ad: A glamorous woman in a green gown walks the halls of an architectural landmark. Then there’s a glitch in the Matrix. She starts going manic, flailing like a velociraptor, shooting laser beams from her hands like a sci-fi heroine racing into intergalactic battle and, yes, fighting with her own extremities.

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2017 Sep 11

2017 TIFF Portraits

I’ve updated the gallery with portraits that were taken during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival!