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2023 Dec 07

“Poor Things” New York Premiere

2023 Dec 04

Annual Academy Museum Gala

2023 Jun 08

“Stars at Noon” Photocall

“Stars at Noon” Photocall

Margaret attended the Stars at Noon photocall with director Claire Denis at UGC Cine Cite des Halles in Paris, France (June 8).

2023 May 12

“Sanctuary” New York Premiere

“Sanctuary” New York Premiere

Margaret attended the Sanctuary premiere in New York City on Thursday (May 11). Sanctuary will be in theatres from May 19!

2023 May 11

Margaret for ES Magazine

Margaret for ES Magazine

Margaret Qualley: ‘People with the best intentions can do dumb things’

She might be Hollywood royalty, but, as Laura Antonia Jordan finds out, Margaret Qualley is happiest at home, organising her spice drawer
If I were being lazy I could, when writing about Margaret Qualley, employ one of many celebrity profile clichés. I could inform you about the weather and how she is defying it. I might throw in that she is not wearing any make-up. And I could make a point of telling you that the Golden Globe-nominee is So! Normal! Really! But you know the problem with clichés, right? Doh.

And so, regrettably for my journalistic integrity but great for a lunch date, when I meet her at the Marlton in Greenwich Village it is biblically bucketing out when Qualley swoops in all smiles and sparkle, like a human dose of vitamin D. Not (it seems) in make-up, she is wearing the kind of chaotic get up (Laura Ashley dress from eBay, dad’s letterman jacket, fiancé’s cap peppered with brooches and, okay, fine, a Chanel bag) only the beautiful or cool can get away with. First impressions? Very, very nice and, yep, very, very normal.

Qualley likes to chat. Within minutes she has put her mind to who she can set me up with (do it Margaret, I’m serious) and is reaching around for an explanation as to what makes the menu’s Amish chicken, well, Amish. ‘One of the best things about my job is getting to meet so many awesome, awesome people. Literally just talking and listening is the most interesting thing in the world.’

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