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2021 Sep 20

Margaret for Porter Magazine

Margaret for Porter Magazine

Margaret was photographed and interviewed for NET-A-PORTER‘s latest issue of Porter magazine. Margot Robbie interviewed Margaret for the cover story! Check it out below.

From her captivating breakthrough in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood to Netflix’s next big thing in Maid, MARGARET QUALLEY is one to watch right now. And watching especially closely is her former co-star and now executive-producer MARGOT ROBBIE. Here, the Hollywood powerhouses talk about relinquishing control, following their instincts and why their latest series is a family affair

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2020 Dec 03

ELLE Magazine (December 2020)

ELLE Magazine (December 2020)

Margaret is featured in the December issue of ELLE magazine! Check out the photoshoot and scans below.

Margaret Qualley is among the vanishingly few people in Hollywood who can credibly wield the word “gosh.” Jimmy Stewart’s favorite interjection resounds through her sentences like a slingshot, going hand in hand with her soft North Carolina twang and sweet manner. She is one of an even smaller number of actresses who could take the prompt “You’re having an argument with your hand” and make it make sense. That was just one of the things Spike Jonze asked Qualley to do when she auditioned for a Kenzo perfume campaign he was directing. The clip subverts your typical fragrance ad: A glamorous woman in a green gown walks the halls of an architectural landmark. Then there’s a glitch in the Matrix. She starts going manic, flailing like a velociraptor, shooting laser beams from her hands like a sci-fi heroine racing into intergalactic battle and, yes, fighting with her own extremities.

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2017 Sep 11

2017 TIFF Portraits

I’ve updated the gallery with portraits that were taken during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival!

2016 Apr 20

Tribeca Film Festival – 2016 Portrait Studio

I’ve added some portrait photos of Margaret from the Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Portrait Studio.

2016 Apr 15

InStyle Photoshoot

I’ve added some new photos to the gallery of Margaret’s stunning InStyle photoshoot! Enjoy.